Tom Leworthy

Tom Leworthy at Central Park New York
New York angel

Look out, There's an angel right behind you !

This was not the first time I saw an angel. Once before, when I was sitting in the cafe at Tesco's supermarket in Swansea, my partner Rachael asked me to look around and see if I could see anything 'on the otherside'. Four tables away was a solitary old man having a cup of tea, but directly behind him was an 'angel' about 30 - 40 feet tall, sort of leaning over this guy. It had huge wings, bigger than you see in illustrations, and it seemed rather 'alien' to me. Not at all the usual angelic stuff of love and light. This was definitely 'not human'.

This 'angel' was slowly opening and closing its' wings ( sort of superimposed on the scene, and not affected in any way by the material confines of the cafe), and doing so, it seemed, 'in sync' with the old mans' breathing. It did occur to me that when the angel stopped moving its' wings (in and out) the old man would stop breathing. As I figured this out, the angel looked across and could see that I could see it. This is where I should have had the angelic wave of compassion and love, but the 'look' was something else. It took me a while to work it out ~ it was total detachment and innocence, and something I couldn't quite make out.
It was 'fun'. (?)

" Be wise unto yourself alone

of they that know the names of the Angels
and their Heavenly powers,
hidden from our Earthly sight."