Tom Leworthy

Burial grounds are the place where we try to hold-on to our ancestors, to the past, to what we loved, but within a generation loved ones are gone, and after many generations stones are worn down, and bones turn to dust. We tread past unaware. Occasionally there is a glimpse of the forgotten past. But it wasn't the past that I didn't notice, but the present.

I was expecting something else. The impression I had in my mind of what I should have seen was nothing like what was actually there, and because of that I walked straight past it. The surprise to me was that the impression was so strong, even though I knew it was fanciful, it conditioned my whole expectation and perception. So, half of me lives in a fantasy world, while the other half walks through the material world looking for a confirmation, a recognition, or an expectation, of something else.

I do walk through the world looking and listening, feeling and sensing, so I did notice that it was a lovely day. This may have been the same thought that occurred to someone a thousand years ago, when they dragged these stones across the landscape, to the spot marked on my map. Apart from the expectation, the reasons, society, and religion, one thing hasn't changed at all.
Our life here is as much about 'the otherside' as it is our present environment and society, and the bright sun in Spring, although we may not have noticed.