Tom Leworthy

Early Days

Tom Leworthy

At the very start, I was sitting in front of a statue in Kenya in the early 1950 s. My father was in the R.A.F., and we lived in Kenya for a couple of years. We returned to the UK to live in Lampeter, a small market town in West Wales, in the 1950s and 1960 s. That made it a contented childhood, somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. Although, saying that, I was in a fall-out shelter on the weekend of the Cuba crisis, as an R.O.C. Observer when World War III was expected.

I started off as Tony, but like my older brother Fred, ended-up as Tom, and like Tom, spent some time in the Royal Navy. My 8 years in the Royal Navy are now long gone.
Later, I spent four years in art college, followed by 3 years in a social wilderness in Brighton, researching and writing a book on 'The New Testament Gospels'. This was a peculiar obsession because I didn't even believe in God, nor was I a Christian. After two two years previous study, I also edited 'The Bhaggavad Gita'.
At that time, for anonymity and a change of personality, I changed my name to Arthur. I was subsequently recruited on a three year, shift-obsessed, non-job, working as a guard for British Rail. That gave me the time and space to research the basics of 'The I Ching'.

yin yang symbol

Great chances and changes were about to take place.

Tom Leworthy and Confucius

By the time I got to meet Confucius that's all that was left were a couple of books and this statue in New York.