are the stepping stones
of advice through life.

The 64 hexagrams of The I Ching.

Someone asked me the other day, what the hexagrams actually teach us about life (that we didn't already know), and how could they improve our life ? Having a ‘full life’ can have its’ problems, and, perhaps, the philosophy behind the hexagrams can help us here, even though it offers a totally different approach to the world.

To answer the question.

DON'T REACT. Look at the facts, and then you can do what you want. (Maybe, this is just saying 'be careful of your emotions'). See the facts in a detached way as 'information only', then, if you want, you can add-in your stuff. However, if you react you will probably not solve the problem or situation, only fuel it (which may of course suit you and your energy).

DO NOT FIGHT OR BATTLE WITH FORCES, whether they be personal, social, political, legal, health issues, or worldly problems. 'The world', and all your involvements, exist to use and 're-direct' your energy. You cannot win against stronger forces (that have been set-up and organised to achieve an aim). Even if you 'win' you will still be in a position to be challenged, and need to be constantly 'on your guard' (although this may suit you and your energy). "Fate" you may be able to come to terms with, but be under no illusion, Chance and Change rule this world.

NEVER GIVE UP  against the odds of the world. When you react you simply fight, and when you battle you become entrenched in warfare or conflict, and 'take your chances'. The hexagrams reflect and empower your energy.  Your energy can walk over, walk through, or walk around anything !, and you can always walk away. What you should not 'give up' is this quiet 'reflection' or way, even though the world, and events, may throw everything at you. It is a simple trust. A trust, or optimism, that everything is taken care of when you let it be. Initially, you may not be aware of this 'saving Grace', but if you try it (even without any belief), you will find it works, and in surprising ways. You can use this 'energy' (or understanding) through The Five Spiritual Principles ~ ENTHUSIASM, OPTIMISM, ENCOURAGEMENT, GENEROSITY, and HUMOUR. Once you see and understand (the power of) this, the world will 'leave you alone', provide a lot more, and you will find that your own heart governs everything.

That’s all you need now is a handbook for Optimists. It’s called TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway. The hexagrams of the TAO I CHING provide a reference, insight, and guide, to this philosophy. It will open your awareness to another flow of energy, that you may have overlooked.

The TAO I CHING comes with a set of ELEMENTS that makes the selection of hexagrams easy and instant. There is also an introduction and explanation of TAO
and a look at the practical use of this energy.