the ultimate calculation

The Ultimate Calculation.

Only 64 situations, or events, can happen to you, or be experienced by you, in this life. This is the basic notion or conclusion of The I Ching or 'Book of Changes'. There are, of course, countless variations, (at a basic level, over 4000 different energy 'states') which are also included as you go through the 'Book of Changes', because you can never be sure what will hit you next, or what chances or changes lie ahead. The ancient Chinese calculated every permutation, and could even predict where the energy would go next. This gives you a practical and 'spiritual' guide to the use of your own energy.

The 64 hexagrams of The I Ching.

This is a complicated and ancient system of 64 hexagram symbols, each with the capacity to change into any of the other hexagrams, indicating the different paths and potentials open to you. You can select a hexagram to show your present situation, or to answer a personal question, and to look at your relative strength in the world, and the potential ahead of you. The ancient Chinese invented this system based on the way energy flows. This energy has two ‘aspects’, or ‘directions’, and these became known as 'Yin' and 'Yang'.

The fun started when every permutation, state, condition and reaction, was calculated, producing 4029 combinations of hexagrams, based on the presence of Yin/Yang energy.

original I Ching

After a thousand years or so recording this on bones, shells, and bamboo strips, they wrote it all down in a book ~ The 'I Ching', at around 1135 B.C. This was followed by more theory, speculation, insight, symbolism, mysticism, and 'spirituality', which was added to The I Ching in ten 'wings' or commentaries, over the next 1500 years. What we have today is a big book of symbolism and 'spirituality' that has emerged from some basic concepts.