TAO gateway and shrine.

' The Mystic Gateway '

At a recent MBS Fair I was showing someone the easier and more direct way to select the hexagrams of the TAO I CHING with the set of ELEMENTS. This person was not impressed, even though I could demonstrate a more dynamic use of energy, and 'symbolic' manipulation of the hexagram, much more than using coins. However, the main objection was that they preferred to use the yarrow stalk method !

The other objection, and one I come across frequently, is the preferance for the Wilhelm version [translation] of The I Ching. Considered the 'standard' version of English translations (from the original German), it is often difficult to understand with its’ extensive symbolism. Even so, with all this 'confusion' people can still read into the Readings what they want. This seems to me a little pointless, since all the Readings would simply confirm, or strengthen, what they already knew.

Two thousand years ago [Chinese scholars will know this period of 200 B.C. - 200 A.D.] there was a great revolution, or a complete disaster of interpretation, of the Classic Texts. The issue was clear enough. There were two flows of energy. One towards material involvement, and the other towards 'spiritual' awareness. Both can be used in the world to full effect. At this time, (or possibly a lot later, and ‘pre-dated’) someone came along and put a label on these flows of energy, and called them "Yin" and "Yang". Flows of energy were given ‘a quality or state’ so that they could be used in organised systems (such as Feng Shui, and Tai Chi). The rest is a history of esoteric confusion. Because of this, people will spend the next 2000 years pursuing the ideal of a balance (between these two 'opposite directions') to get the results they want. This caused, and causes, a chain reaction and chain of events that alters the world.

We can't change the past, and we can't change the world, (people will do what they want), but we can change ourselves, to see, and feel, and use, a different kind of energy. This is an energy that we were told about two thousand years ago, but unfortunately, that term “Going with the flow”, radically misunderstood, took us down a perilous route. Here we are.

The introductory chapters of the
TAO I CHING explains it all, what the energy really does,
and how we can change our destiny.