Hexagrams in the Process of Change

The HEXAGRAM is a strange symbol, packed with information. It looks like a simple diagram of six lines, but it is dynamic and has the potential to change (into any of the other hexagrams). The hexagram has a meaning which you consult in The I Ching, but if you looked into the TAO I CHING you would also see your own awareness as a state or 'direction' of energy ~ to live in, to reflect on, and to use, and change.

Each hexagram is made up of two (three line) trigram symbols ~ one placed on top of the other, to form the (six line) hexagram. There are two more trigrams within the hexagram, and all of these trigrams 'power' the hexagram, which in turn assimilates all the energy to produce a solution or answer.



Whatever your problem, choice, or question, you simply ask the TAO I CHING (or any version of The I Ching), and select a HEXAGRAM. This is easy to do (and instant when you use the TAO I CHING), and the hexagram acts as an 'energy picture or symbol' , which is presented to you as an answer or information (in words). At this point, some versions of The I Ching may be shrouded in symbolism, or perhaps a little difficult to get a definite answer, while others will present an insight into your situation. Usually, your general situation is presented to you, with advice on the best course of action to take, in the particular circumstances. The TAO I CHING will go a step further and show you what your energy is doing (which you may, or may not be, aware of), and how to change it, and your approach, if necessary.

Behind all of this, the energy of the hexagram you have chosen changes or 'moves', providing a glimpse of your future. This energy is moving and changing all the time, as though it has a life of its' own. This is the flow of energy that exists all the time, and which you are a part of (known as yin and yang energy, or TAO). As soon as you form a question, and select a hexagram, you take part in this process of change. Through regular use, or whenever you have a question, the hexagrams of the TAO I CHING will reflect your energy, show you the way forward, and strangest of all, you will notice a lightness, or ease, in your mental state and reactions, as it guides you towards a sense of harmony and inner peace.