The  Mystic  Gateway


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64 situations, or events, can happen to you, or be experienced by you, in this life.   This is the basic notion or conclusion of  The I Ching or  'Book of Changes'.  There are, however, over 4000 different variations which are included in the 'Book of Changes', because you can never be sure what will hit you next, or what chances or changes lie ahead.  The ancient Chinese calculated every permutation, and could even predict where the energy would go next.  This gives you a practical and 'spiritual' guide to the use of your own energy.

"When struck by lightening

it is unnecessary to consult

'The Book of Changes' as to

the precise meaning of the omen"


the ultimate calculation

This is a complicated  ancient system of 64 hexagram symbols, each with the capacity to change into any of the other hexagrams, indicating the different paths and potentials open to you.  


The  Ultimate  Calculation

You can select a hexagram to show your present situation, or ask any personal question, and look at the potential ahead of you.  

The 64 hexagrams of The I Ching

The HEXAGRAM is a strange symbol, packed with information.  It looks like a simple diagram of six lines, but it is dynamic and has the potential to change (into any of the other hexagrams).   The hexagram has a meaning which you consult in The I Ching, and it will show the situation you face, and the direction of the energy.  

Whatever your problem, you simply ask a question (about yourself or others ~ it won't tell you the lottery numbers !), and The I Ching will answer it.  You select a HEXAGRAM.  This is easy to do (and instant when you use the TAO I CHING).



The hexagram acts as an 'energy picture or symbol' , which is possible to read directly, or presented to you as an answer or information (in words).  Some versions of the I Ching are shrouded in symbolism, or perhaps a little difficult to get a definite answer, while others will present an insight (unfortunately, sometimes simplified) into your situation. Your general situation is presented to you, with advice on the best course of action to take.

3 coins used for the I CHING


The most popular, way to select  a hexagram

is to throw or cast 3 coins six times, to represent

each  line  of the hexagram.  This is, perhaps,  a

little repetative, and you'll need a pen and paper

to draw the hexagram.

yarrow stalks used for The I Ching.


The traditional yarrow stalk method of selecting a hexagram pre-dates the coin method.  49 yarrow stalks are separated into diminishing bundles to produce a  hexagram, from a numbered formula.  This takes a lot more time, and even though this traditional method appears ‘long-winded’,  it is considered to be the correct meditative approach.

TAO I CHING set of Elements


The ELEMENTS, from a very ancient source, are a revolutionary 'new' way to select your hexagram.  They produce a 'physical' hexagram, which you can manipulate and use in a dynamic  way with the TAO I CHING.  This is the easiest and most effective way to select and use the hexagram.

How strange, with all this modern technology, that we should have such a natural device made out of wood, and designed with such brilliance. These ELEMENTS can be used with  any version of  the I Ching, although, in their ability to manipulate moving energy, they are best suited to the TAO  I  CHING.

Behind all of this, the energy of the hexagram you have chosen changes or 'moves', providing a glimpse of your future.   This energy is moving and changing all the time, as though it has a life of its' own.  This is the flow of energy that exists all the time, and which you are a part of (known as Yin and Yang energy, or TAO).  As soon as you form a question, and select a hexagram, you take part in this process of change. Through regular use, or whenever you have a question, the  hexagrams of the TAO I CHING will reflect your energy, and show you the way forward. Strangest of all, you will notice a lightness, or ease, in your mental state and reactions, as it guides you towards a sense of harmony and inner peace, as you 'let go' of the world (while still being active in it).

The whole process is, in some sense, automatic, but you can directly influence the energy

in a dynamic way using the

 ELEMENTS  with the  TAO  I  CHING.

yin yang symbol and hexagrams

In my studies of  The I Ching,  like so many others, I was captivated by the mystery and the mechanics of all those charts and hexagram layouts.   It was not until I understood a very basic concept that the whole system 'fell into place', and started to produce some strange and accurate results.   The hexagrams are, rather than flat illustrations, moving energy.  The hexagram is a  'dimensional' symbol, in that it changes, and can be changed.    The hexagram is not just a symbol, that provides a Reading,  but a way with, and through,  your  own energy !

It is energy that makes it work, and the hexagrams are like Chakras or energy points. The energy is volatile, and changing all the time, and as far as you are concerned, you could call it expression (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual).  You can only gauge it or measure it (take a Reading of it) in a very short space of time ~  in about one second to about two minutes,  not withstanding the time it takes to select a hexagram.  Even so, the object is to be in an open, quiet state of mind, and not to hurry.  Just take as much time as you need.   Here, the use of your ELEMENTS, with the TAO I CHING, work quickly 'without your thinking'.    All of this can only happen in the  present moment.

When you see the energy ~ something like the flow of energy in Feng Shui ~ you understand that it is symbolic, elemental, and powerful.   It is a Way through the world.   To use the I Ching you need to pose a question, and select a hexagram,  but the TAO I CHING  goes a little further, not only providing instant and easy access, but using the  energy of the hexagrams to reflect, and change, your energy.  When you see the flow of energy through yourself, through your thoughts, feelings, and reactions, you'll see the connection between you and TAO.  TAO  is that great flow of energy that runs through the universe, that takes you and everything with it.  You can continue to use the I Ching to ask questions about your busy life and prospects: I certainly do.  You can also slow down the whole process by observing your situation, and assimilating the energy, as recommended in the TAO I CHING.

When you do this, you start to live in the present.


The  ELEMENTS open-up the energy of the TAO  I  CHING.  The hexagram symbol acts as a gateway, or connection, to  ‘ the wisdom of the ancient Chinese’ or, if you prefer, your own mind, or subconscious, or inner self.  When you use certain symbols a  connection is made with   your inner self, ( or ‘psyche’ ), and even the ‘collective unconscious', so that you can see more clearly.

Why the secrecy in the bag ?

These ELEMENTS were only used by Taoist monks, remain a secret, and are only passed on through recommendation and association. Publication is forbidden, but, to overcome this, I have permission to offer them (unseen).  They remain a very powerful device for manipulating  energy (of the hexagrams, and all the 'Moving Lines').  Of course, unused, or in the wrong hands, they are inert.

In my demonstations at Mind Body Spirit Fairs, I often come across a preferance for the Wilhelm version of the I Ching.  Considered the 'standard' version of English translations (from the original German), although it is often quite difficult to understand with its’ extensive symbolism.   Even so, this seems to add to its' mysterious attraction, and ultimately people can read into the hexagrams what they want.  This seems to me a little pointless, since all the Readings would simply confirm, or strengthen, what they already know. My response is a single test question "Has it changed you ?"

The TAO I CHING will go a step further and show you what your energy is doing (which you may, or may not be, aware of), and how to change it, and your approach, if necessary.

Two thousand years ago [Chinese scholars will know this period of 200 B.C. - 200 A.D.] there was a great revolution, or a complete disaster of interpretation, of the Classic Texts.  The issue was clear enough.  There were two flows of energy.  One towards material involvement, and the other towards 'spiritual' awareness.   Both can be used in the world to full effect. At this time, (or possibly a lot later, and ‘pre-dated’) someone came along  and put a label on these flows of energy, and called them "Yin"  and "Yang".   Flows of energy were given ‘a quality or state’ so that they could be used in organised systems (such as Feng Shui, and Tai Chi).  The rest is a history of esoteric confusion.  Because of this, people will spend the next 2000 years pursuing the ideal of a balance (between these two 'opposite directions') to get the results they want.   This caused, and causes, a chain reaction and chain of events that alters the world.  

Hexagrams  'aint  what they  used  to  be . . .


Hexagrams  'aint what they used to be', and here we are talking pre 1120 B.C.   It  all  started  with  an  awareness  of some sort of movement in the  world.  This was followed by thoughts  about  chance  and  change  in the universe, and then a rush of energy  through history.  The Ancient Chinese  got  a taste  for history and prediction,  and started  to record  it  all on  bones,  tortoise  shells, bamboo strips, and in The Great Works.   The  'Classic  of  Change'  ( the  I  Ching ) became  a Spiritual Classic.  What  started as a  dynamic  flow of energy  became formulated into a  system  of  classification  and  prediction.

       The rest is history.

We can't change the past, and we can't change the world, (people will do what they want), but we can change ourselves, to see, and feel, and use, a different kind of energy.  This is an energy that we were told about two thousand years ago, but unfortunately, that term  “Going with the flow”, radically misunderstood, took us down a perilous route.   Here we are.

                     The introductory chapters of the

" TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway "

explains it all, what the energy really does,

     and  how we can change our destiny.

"TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway" with set of Elements. TAO I CHING and set of Elements trigrams around yin yang symbol used in Feng Shui

The Present as a Destination.

Within the six-lined hexagram symbol there are three line combinations, called TRIGRAMS.   The top three lines of the hexagram is a trigram, and so is the bottom half  (and there are two more trigrams in the centre of the hexagram that are used in the I Ching). Trigrams are placed one on top of another to form a six line hexagram.  The trigrams contain the speed and direction of the energy, while the situation itself, with your relative position, is the hexagram. The trigrams that form the hexagrams are also used in Feng Shui to indicate compass directions, and the disposition of the energy ~ aligning place and energy.

HEXAGRAMS are really like signposts ~ to an answer, a solution or different state, condition, or acquisition, or potential.  The hexagram won't actually give you everything you ask for, but it might present a destination.   However, the hexagrams will only show your present position, or the present moment.  The hexagram is a destination that you have already arrived at ~  the present moment.   You may not like this, seek  to  overlook  it, or  look  instead  to  the  future, or the past, but

However, you may be going in the wrong direction, or at the wrong speed, or may be in the wrong situation, and  the trigrams will not only show this, but you have the potential to change it.  That process may happen over time, through trial and error, but can also be directly influenced ~ but  only  through the TAO I CHING.     [Standard versions of the

I Ching will only provide an  overview of the situation.]  The hexagrams of the TAO I CHING will show you where you are at the moment, where you might want to go, your potential and prospects, and how best to proceed.  The TAO I CHING will give you directly personal advice ~ and it's up to you if you take it ~ and the possibility of personal development and success.

The next time you come across a signpost, it's not so much the places that you could go to, but the choice you have.   That choice, determined by your present circumstances and  where you think you want to go, is represented by a hexagram.   All the time you are facing choices and making decisions, and some of the time not quite sure which way to  go, so using the "TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway" is like using signposts to get you where you want to be.

here you are !

Now, if that signpost had no place names on it, what would you do ?

Well, you could see where you actually are ( the facts ),

look around you ( the potential ),  

and make a choice ( your intention, or direction ).

Welcome to the " TAO I CHING ~ The  Mystic  Gateway "

'The Path Beyond the Meaning of Life' painting by Rachael Wilmot