What on Earth is TAO for ? 

The present moment


Between two seconds and two minutes is all you have of existence.

However, your mind and body will tell you that you have a past and a future, and lots of things to be doing now ( usually to resolve those past and future notions). Your mind and body are so closely intertwined with the material world, with all its' delights and distractions, that you may never stand to one side just for a moment. Your brain will connect it all together and give you plenty of room to enjoy yourself, and to be concerned, and give you the impression that things are as they should be, predictable, or uncertain, and let's call it "Life".

There is actually a 'still centre', and I guess trees live in this dimension-less, timeless, state, but your mind will tell you the opposite, and keep you involved and reacting right up to the last moment.

You can’t ‘live’ in the present moment ~ it’s too short ! What on earth are you going to do in the next two seconds to two minutes ? Your mind and thoughts, body and brain, are constructed to keep that tiny space full. The world is full !, but it's O.K., since everything only happens in the present.

You are empty, but it goes against all you believe, do, and hope for. Only TAO (an invisible energy) flows through you. If you want to know what living in the present is really like, stand next to a tree. Unfortunately, you probably won’t feel or see anything, because you don't yet know how to 'connect' (if such a thing were possible). In ancient Chinese philosophy I've tried to find a suitable translation for this ‘emptiness’, and discounting the word ‘nothing’, and cutting through all the mystifying terms and definitions, I can come up with one little solution. It is an affirmation or saying, which, as you say it, you can put it into practice . . . .

At any moment, you will find that you can enter a state, perhaps surprising to you, that is quiet, still, and magical, while being very much in the world. Now what do you think TAO is for ?