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Lucid Dreams.

That title should be "Lucid Dreaming", since Lucid Dreams have no meaning, or reality, unless they are experienced.

Your 'level of awareness' determines the quality of the reality you experience.  In dreams, (as in awake life with interiorised thoughts about the past and future) 'fantasy' (or in awake life, ‘expectation’) tends to dominate. This is none other than your ability to produce your own reality through your thoughts and feelings, and your attitude, which affects your perception. People see what they know to be true. NLP and hypnotherapy might go someway towards altering your attitude, and then perception, so that you can affect and live in a different situation with new potentials.

In dreams it is your 'ordinary' level of consciousness that interacts with what your own mind creates, and this is no more than what you are doing during the day, with your beliefs, involvements, and concerns ('experience as expectation').
The use of the hexagrams of the TAO I CHING can circumvent this process, (and indeed, change it), but probably only through an understanding of the energy you use. To step into Lucid Dreaming without this awareness would invite " fantasy", and a lot of other stuff.

Awareness of awareness is what you need to be aware of.

That doesn't make much sense ! but then Lucid Dreaming has even less 'sense' or 'reality'. As you go through life, or just walking along, you don't have to think too much about what you are doing, you just get on with it. Some people do this confidently, and some worry all the time. From an 'involvement' in what you are doing, comes an awareness of what you are doing. In dreams you'll experience it much the same, but in dream and awake life your involvement will get in the way of awareness. To go further, you'll need a detached awareness. This 'detached awareness' is the easily gained ability to look at yourself 'from the outside' (which is precisely the point, and your experience of, Lucid Dreaming).

You get through it all through the use of confidence.

There is another major factor that is not so 'easily gained'. It is confidence. Once again, this has a 'double edge' effect on your awareness, in that you may be confident in what you are doing now, only to be unaware of what is actually happening. It is the conscious use, or expression, of confidence that gets you 'all the best in life', but for all that, you may have 'lost your soul' ~ or, in less dramatic terms, your detached self awareness. The conditions of the world - 'of Life' - will tend to dominate, precluding any need to be more 'self aware' (than you already are), just as the circumstances and activities in your dreams will continue to dominate, and take all of your attention.
In Lucid Dreams this confidence extends beyond your own mind and body and can cause alterations in the environment, the weather, elements, and people, much like it does everyday !

Your activities betray your awareness.


People do what they want to do. They reflect, or become absorbed in, their own world of thought, activity, and involvements. There is in Lucid Dreaming the prospect of all sorts of activities, including flying, walking through walls, sex, visiting different places and people, and all sorts of adventures. At some point there may be the choice to go on to 'something else'. If you can think what that might be, you might be (close to) what you think.

The expression of your Will.

It has been said that in a battle between the Will and the Imagination, the imagination always wins. "Imagination" here refers to the ability to see and feel what may not be material or real. If you proceed a little deeper into Lucid Dreams you will encounter certain 'barriers' to put you off, or frighten you. These may be necessary to keep the 'uninitiated' or unprepared out of 'danger'. Whether these barriers are from your own subconscious fears, or overseeing entities is a matter of debate. In the realm of Lucid Dreaming your Will has more power than the (and your) Imagination. [Not withstanding certain symbols and their power].

Symbol manipulation is the name of the game.
Alter the symbol and you alter reality. Sounds crazy, but that's what they do in ‘Healing’, NLP, and hypnotherapy. You believe in the symbols, and these can be changed. NLP might call this 'symbol manipulation' "altering the neural pathways", by giving your fears and hopes a symbol ( a colour, or feeling, a 'mantra', statement, affirmation, or scenario), and then altering the symbol itself to change your outlook or situation (your perception). Interestingly enough, on page 48 of the TAO I CHING, you can use this process to alter and change your selected hexagram (which is supposed to be a reflection of your present situation, and therefore 'real' , and not open to you changing it), but by manipulating your ELEMENTS (which come with the book), you will see the physical change to your hexagram, and what is possible. You will then see the change in your own situation, and your own reality, unfold.
The symbols or 'unusual items', as well as situations or 'scenarios', can be questioned to reveal their true meaning, and then changed. What is possible, is probable, so tread quietly through Lucid Dreaming, for it is all a collection of symbols.

Where is the techniue ?

What they didn't tell you was that Lucid Dreaming is easy ~ you've just got to know it's possible and then want to have a go (most people have never heard of it, or think it impossible). The techniques and the flapping about (you don't need this to fly) are just something you do to convince yourself that you're 'doing something'.
There is only one 'rule' INTENTION + EASE = CONFIDENCE.
"Confidence is ease, not force or control" TAO I CHING

Is it fantasy or reality ?

Well, that's up to you ~ not science or philosophy ! You already ‘live in your head’, so that reality and fantasy coexist, and may even be the same thing. Perception, reality, and imagination, are so closely bound together, that only by calling it 'real' can we convince ourselves that this is in fact reality. 'Reality' shifts about, and is connected to our perception, which we change 'to suit ourselves'. Lucid Dreams go further than what we accept as 'real', and you may indeed step into a 'fantasy' world. The odd thing is that these other realms have their own reality and autonomy, which you can observe, and interact with (or experience). To labour the point, it is that experience (that you go through spontaniously without much self awareness) which is the point.