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Ian Wallace ~ completing the circle


 ' Completing the Circle '

Ian Wallace's stand was on the opposite side to mine at the recent Mind Body Spirit Fair at Whitby, and it did amuse me to see his ladder to the heavens complete the circle of the mural on the wall. I've never spoken to Ian, except a 'hello' in passing, so I was tempted to leave my stand to catch a little bit of his talk and demonstration on Clairvoyance and Mediumship on the Sunday morning ~ just to see what he does.

What a pleasant, unassuming, chap. In this talk he gave a demonstration of mediumship, while at the same time explaining how he was doing it. This was fascinating, honest, and 'down to earth'. It seems Ian uses his five senses (hear, see, feel, etc.) in a mental and intuitive way to locate and process information that may be present, or given to him. That is, he is totally open to the possibility that such information is there, and can be interpreted.

He does have to interpret what he sees or feels, to put it into (the) context ( of the person or situation he is dealing with ). This is classic 'symbol interpretation' [ accessing, working with, and manipulating, symbols ], and he's very good at it ! He is using it like a 'free-hand' conversation with himself and the symbol, which, with his running commentary, is a joy to watch.

My only question to Ian would be " How, or where, do the dead people come in ?" This is what makes Ian a Medium ~ he knows that 'others' are around us all the time, and he only has to communicate with them. As Ian said at the beginning of his talk, ' a connection had been made', and that all he has to do is read the signs. The strange thing about this 'open state of the imagination' is that you do see stuff, and, using speech and sight ('in your head', as Ian would say), you can interpret what you see, and take it a stage further and 'interogate' it, or talk to it.

That's a pretty active imagination. Just go for a walk in it. If you are open enough, there are 'dead people', and possibly others, sitting around or standing next to you, or behind you. Dead people, spirits, or whatever. You could miss them because you don't think it's possible to see them, or you are 'looking' instead of seeing what is. It's a strange place, and even stranger when you get to 'symbolically' see it all here in this world.