How to navigate the present moment.

I was in the car the other day using our newly acquired TomTom portable GPS navigational aid on the dashboard. With the visits to MBS Fairs in different venues around the country almost every weekend, the TomTom has taken the stress out of driving to unknown destinations. As I appreciated the amazing concept of a satellite navigational system available to the public, I thought wouldn't it be wonderful to have a spiritual TomTom. This would be a moral, ethical, spiritual, and practical, device, making the right choices in every situation, and guided 'from above'.

Oh ! Oh !  I Thought. We already have this. The TAO I CHING and set of ELEMENTS do precisely this ! Instead of "After 800 yards take the next left" we have " After a little while take the next option", or "Go left at the roundabout and take the first exit" is now "Look at your situation, and consider withdrawing as soon as possible". The selection and manipulation of the ELEMENTS (in the satin bag with your TAO I CHING) provides this aspect of personal direction, rather than simply following a map or book with 'flat information'. The direction and guidance is offered to you, dependant upon where you are at any moment, once you have programmed-in your destination (or asked a specific question to the TAO I CHING).

As you go along with the TomTom, you have no idea where you are in relation to the rest of the country around you. You have a close-up picture of where you are now, and a little of what lies immediately ahead. That momentary changing picture is all you need. The final destination for each journey in the TomTom is an address, postcode, or “Home”. In much the same way, in your everyday life, once you establish your destination, desire, or ambition, you can let the hexagrams show you the way.
The hexagrams are like routes in every direction. Use your ELEMENTS to select your hexagram for information, direction, and 'speed', or timing. The amazing thing about the TomTom is that if you take a wrong turning, after 5 seconds, it recalculates your new position and a new course to get you to the destination. Once again, the parallels are remarkable. If you follow the information in the TAO I CHING your way ahead is calculated and shown to you. If you don't (want to) take the advice or use the information, your new situation is recalculated with your next selection of the ELEMENTS.

Actually, you are not 'going' anywhere. The car will only deliver you, and your stuff, to somewhere else. It's still you here, or somewhere, with stuff, or without stuff. By all means have an end in sight, or a direction, but this is only a material, emotional, or spiritual, framework. Everything else is in the present. You see, unlike the crude sophistication of the TomTom (which may be the scientific wonder of the decade), the TAO I CHING has a message that you can hear now, everyday, and at every moment.


You have already arrived ! That's the message, but of course, that conflicts with your notions and hopes of future happiness, future prosperity, ambitions and desires, and the unfolding drama of creation (or destruction). Now that we are all here (at whatever state, age, sex, or location, each of us might be in), you only have to quietly 'navigate' the present.

How strange that with all this technology that we should have such a natural device made out of wood, and designed with such brilliance. These ELEMENTS can be used with any version of The I Ching, although, in their ability to manipulate moving energy and the trigrams, they are best suited to the T A O I C H I N G.