Mystic Gateways


and Mrs Bear.

At a Mind Body Spirit Fair the other day, whilst talking about business, and specifically about us in the 'spiritual trade', the opinion was voiced that whatever we may think and do to improve or enlighten anyone, we need to consider the fact that we are dealing with the world, and that the odds of anyone taking notice, or perhaps even benefiting from our enthusiasm, wisdom, service or product, are subject to the laws of inclination or indifference.

The odds, or numbers involved, are not in our favour, and that due account, or wise acceptance, should be taken of this 'commercial risk'. Is our 'spiritual venture' effective ? Can it impress, or change anyone ? In 'the world' reality and reason appear to take precedence over imagination, enthusiasm, and idealism, and even 'spirituality'.

The answer for some is to 'create a following', to present 'large' solutions, or to organise and demonstrate authenticity. Herein is the problem ~ of being in the world, and yet not 'promoting' it, or its' values.
We do what we do regardless of the world, and others. We do not do it for the world or others. There isn't any reward or recognition that can come from the world, or others, that we do not already possess in our own heart.

" He expects nothing, and he relies on nothing, and whatever he does such a man retains inner peace. He has no vain hopes, and spends his day in quiet activity. He is free from distracting thought, and his work does not bind him."

It is in the heart and spirit that the answer lies, not to react to, and reorganise, the profits and promotions of the world. Neither do we live in hope that recognition or reward, or even the enlightenment of others, will arrive one day. We live each day, through optimism, enthusiasm, encouragement, generosity, and humour, regardless of the world.

You can join in, or not. Time is what we all have, each day. You can spend your time fully immersed in the activities and involvements of the world, or you can 'look out' for a moment, for no reason at all, or just listen (to others, to the world around you now), or give some other living thing your undivided attention (for about five minutes), just for its' own sake. This energy changes your outlook, and your life.

It is a strange way of looking at the world of involvements, inticements, delights and delusions, without the need to act, react, interfere, or impress, for reward. If so, what is the point of 'reality' ? IT has no 'point' ! You are the point, and maybey the creator of all of this, well, most of it. This 'pointless' activity will continually amaze and amuse, distract and delay, and provide adventures in the world, all the time.
It's living with TAO.

I don't know whether you’ve noticed, but it is a very strange world. I'm sure Mrs Bear would agree.


What TAO is, and what TAO does, the TAO I CHING provides a clear explanation, and will answer all your questions.