The Naked Truth

Adam and Eve by Reubens 1597



 Fu-Hsi. First mythical emporer of China,. 2852 BC



At the start, there was Adam and Eve. What is relevant about this picture is that both people are naked, and this introduces a concept or idea, or a way of being in, and 'using', the world. At the same time, another picture shows Fu Hsi ( pronounced "Foo Shee" ), the first mythical emporer of China, at around 2852 B.C. He wears skins and furs to indicate that he has a background in hunting and agriculture, and 'uses' the natural forces of Nature.

To explain the nature of the universe and everything the Ancient Chinese came up with the idea that "There is a flow of energy running through the universe, that forms and influences everything". They called it "TAO". This flow of energy animates everything ~ all things, places, and beings. The energy flows through everything and everyone, and as it does so, it animates and gives life. Everything is alive when this energy passes through it. Stones, water, trees, animals, people, and even places ! 

zhou wen wang

TAO is not exactly 'the life force', since it includes inanimate (non-alive) objects. TAO flows through everything. You could see this in and through the act of looking, hearing, moving, and, if you have a mind to, thought. Even the rocks and trees see and hear, and, in a 'mindless' way , are aware. In your own dreams you don't need eyes, ears, or limbs, to travel distances, or be involved and experience things, while you actually lie inert in bed. If you look with your heart (with sensitivity, intuition ) and not only with your eyes, you will see and understand more. You can see, feel, and know, this for yourself by simply looking and listening to everything around you, without thoughts, mental judgements or comparisons. This period of looking (in fact, your 'holding attention'), only lasts uninterrupted for, maybe 30 seconds, and up to 2 minutes, before the next wave of TAO energy rushes through you. Without this flow of energy you are inert.

TAO garden wind

This energy 'gives life or awareness' and changes everything, and it can go in two very different directions. By living close to Nature and the elements, all the clues to these flows or directions of energy are observable. Today, however, almost everything around us is 'man-made' in our modern civilization, but that close connection can be re-established by a walk in the country, or looking at the sky, or being exposed to the weather.

The Ancient Chinese represented all of this energy with symbols, to show the direction and 'speed' of the energy, and later added the endless sub-classifications, of “Yin” and “Yang” energy. Social, family, career, and even domestic, elements were introduced, and more symbols added. Through these symbols TAO energy can be manipulated ~ introducing The 'I Ching', Feng Shui, and Tai Chi, and various other systems.

The original I Ching

As this became more formalised The Great Books were writen, and The I Ching took on the status of a spiritual classic, and much like the Bible - not a book to be altered, although the interpretations and 'commentaries' continued for hundreds of years. Today, of course, we have the profound mystery of that half black half white round symbol, and that great saying 'Going with the flow'.

yin yang symbol

Unfortunately, 'that flow' goes in two very different directions, which everyone misunderstands to their great misfortune. You could find out what 'went wrong' by looking at TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway ".

The rest is history.

is a profound and spiritual insight into the human condition. The way we use our energy determines the course and quality of our lives. The TAO I CHING  will show you how to live in the present, with inner peace and confidence.