Tom Leworthy

Tao Te Ching

Tom Leworthy

I was very small and I was sitting on the stone surround of a statue in a park in the sunshine. Time, history, and place, hardly existed for me then. Over the next fifty years I actually travelled the whole world, and visited its' many bars and taverns, and also sampled some of the exotic religious & spiritual systems ~ most dull and conforming; a few mysterious. The drinking places matched the worshiping places in comforting oblivion.

What I never knew, and what no one told me, was that I was a Taoist for 30 years. Isolated, with a strange affinity for trees, grass, parks, and the ever changing daylight. I also had the ability to look deeply into the past, and the present, and often found myself in neither, in awake dreams. When I completed my research and rewrite of the "Tao Te Ching ~ The Handbook for Taoists", I understood.


Your awareness is the door
to great wonder, peace, and pleasure.
Stop and notice
something you never thought possible.
TAO ever present.
The present is TAO.