Mystic Gateways

The Edge of Reality

a walk in the woods

A Walk to the End of the Earth.

I went for a walk the other day. It was a sunny Summers' day, and after about an hour or so a thought struck me. Actually, not a thought exactly, more like a sensation. Here I was walking along this path, but as much as I walked I didn't seem to be getting anywhere. I was on this seemingly endless path that continually afforded me the same view ahead. Around me there were the sights and sounds, the trees, sunlight, birdsong, cover from the hot sun, and a dry path underfoot. It struck me as rather strange, to have all these sensations, and yet not to be at any particular destination.

It brought to mind an experiment I tried when I was in one of my early Lucid Dreams. While in the dream I thought I would try and walk to the edge of the dream. A silly notion really, since a dream isn't really a place, but, even so, I gave it a go. Obviously, no matter how far, or fast, I went I always had another horizon in front of me. I came to the conclusion, that is probably obvious to everyone else, that the dream is a state of awareness not a place. To get to the end of it you would have to wake-up, but in the process loose all the sensations of the dream, and that place in the dream.

Five or six hundred years ago, and before that, there was the notion that if you could journey far enough you would reach the end of the Earth, at which point you'd probably fall off the edge. Early sea explorers had to contend with this possibility, and with so many 'lost at sea' this was probably quite a reasonable and terrifying fear.

So much for The Flat Earth Theory.

the edge of the world

There is no edge. There is no end. No matter how far you go, you won't get out of the dream ! Some say that you can be awakened, and some are. But for the rest of us, we only have to know one thing [at this point] ~ this is a dream of reason, experiment, wonder, and sometimes fear, with the knowledge that you can't fall off the edge, because there isn't one. There is always 'another horizon'. Some, who dream lucidly, have gone much further and seen other places, and, maybe, realised that it's all a bit of an emotional ride on a perceptual, even existential, trip.

So much for The Reality Theory.

the universe

"Reality" is the material and physical world around you now . How far this actually goes is anyones' guess. Meanwhile inside your head, it goes much further