A Way in the World

yin yang symbol and hexagrams

In my studies of The I Ching, like so many others, I was captivated by the mystery and the mechanics of all those charts and hexagram layouts. It was not until I understood a very basic concept that the whole system 'fell into place', and started to produce some strange and accurate results. The hexagrams are, rather than flat illustrations, moving energy. The hexagram is a 'dimensional' symbol, in that it changes, and can be changed. The hexagram is not just a symbol, that provides a Reading, but a way with, and through, your own energy !

It is energy that makes it work, and the hexagrams are like Chakras or energy points. The energy is volatile, and changing all the time, and as far as you are concerned, you could call it expression (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual). You can only gauge it or measure it (take a Reading of it) in a very short space of time ~ in about one second to about two minutes, not withstanding the time it takes in the sometimes long rituals, or shorter time in coin throwing, to get there. Even so, the object, whether you want to meditate over it or not, is to be in an open, quiet state of mind, and not to hurry. Just take as much time as you need. Here, the use of your ELEMENTS, with the TAO I CHING, work quickly 'without your thinking'. All of this can only happen in the present moment.

When you see the energy ~ something like the flow of energy in Feng Shui ~ you understand that it is symbolic, elemental, and powerful. It is a Way through the world. To use The I Ching you need to pose a question, and select a hexagram, but the TAO I CHING  goes a little further, not only providing instant and easy access, but using the energy of the hexagrams to reflect, and change, your energy. When you see the flow of energy through yourself, through your thoughts, feelings, and reactions, you'll see the connection between you and TAO. TAO  is that great flow of energy that runs through the universe, that takes you and everything with it. You can continue to use The I Ching to ask questions about your busy life and prospects: I certainly do. You can also slow down the whole process by observing your situation, and assimilating the energy, as recommended in the TAO I CHING.

When you do this, you start to live in the present.


The ELEMENTS are a huge step in the access to The I Ching. With the TAO I CHING anyone can select and consult a hexagram easily and quickly. The ELEMENTS form your hexagram, and give you total control over all the hexagrams and 'moving lines' ."

The ELEMENTS will reflect your energy, show you what you are thinking, how you are behaving, and your present prospects. You will also see your future potential, and how you can change this, if you want to.