trigrams around yin yang symbol used in Feng Shui

The Present as a Destination.

Within the six-lined hexagram symbol there are three line combinations, called TRIGRAMS. The top half, or the top three lines, of the hexagram is a trigram, and so is the bottom half (and there are two more trigrams in the centre of the hexagram that are used in The I Ching).

The three line symbols or TRIGRAMS that combine to form the hexagrams, are also used in Feng Shui to indicate compass directions, and, at the same time, the disposition of energy ~ aligning place and energy.     

HEXAGRAMS are not really destinations, but more like signposts ~ to an answer, a solution or different state, condition, or acquisition, or potential. The hexagram won't actually give you everything you ask for, but it might present a destination. However, the hexagrams will only show your present position, or the present moment. The hexagram is a destination that you have already arrived at ~ the present moment. You may not like this, seek to overlook it, or look instead to the future, or the past, but here you are !

The trigrams show your strength, speed, and direction. The hexagram will show your situation and your relative strength and potential in the world. However, you may be going in the wrong direction, or at the wrong speed, or may be in the wrong situation, and the trigrams will not only show this, but have the potential to change it. That process may happen over time, through trial and error, but can also be directly influenced ~ but only through the TAO I CHING. [ Standard versions of the I Ching will only provide an overview of the situation.] The hexagrams of the TAO I CHING will show you where you are at the moment, where you might want to go, your potential and prospects, and how best tp proceed. The TAO I CHING will give you directly personal advice ~ and it's up to you if you take it ~ and the possibility of personal development and success.

The next time you come across a signpost, it's not so much the places that you could go to, but the choice you have. That choice, determined by your present circumstances and where you think you want to go, is represented by a hexagram. All the time you are facing choices and making decisions, and some of the time not quite sure which way to go, so using the TAO I CHING is like using signposts to get you where you want to be.

Now, if that signpost had no place names on it, what would you do ?
Well, you could see where you actually are ( the facts ),
look around you ( the potential ),
and make a choice ( your intention, or direction ).
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