Tom Leworthy

Actually, you haven't lost anything. It's still here, but while you think about this one and ponder on the nature of time, you will only get deeper into a situation that not only keeps changing and moving (your life), but will continually elude you. You could even think that you get less, or it goes quicker, as you get older.
So, you can't control time.

When you step out of the 'thought provoking equation' you can make a remarkable discovery. Zen monks spend a lot of time and practice on this one, so, to make it simple, you need to know one thing.
Time and place (the place you are in right now) are the same thing.

You can actually interchange or substitute the two terms for each other. The place you are in right now is (also) Time, and it's perpetually around you, and it’s full of things. ( Zen Buddhists call this “the ten thousand things” ). Where you are now is full of things, and also interest, and activity. You haven't lost anything. It's all still here. So, in some sense, to appreciate (your) time, just look around you now ! The place or space you inhabit is as full now as it ever was ! That 'space' is 'time-place' and it's called 'the present moment' ~ and you are in it right now.

"Released into the world, you'll find it's not the place you thought it was. There is a lot more going on around you right now in sound, light, and movement. Just stop what you are reading, and listen and look for just two minutes. The world around you, the weather, the environment, your situation and relationships, all provide you with interest, opportunities, support, and a place to be. When you under-stand this,  you enter a world that is spontaneous and full."

EXTRACT FROM " TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway "

YOYO and Rachael Wilmot at Nanternis

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